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Business Law

At Martin Folino, we help businesses get into business, and stay in business.

Our team of legal advisers has decades of combined legal experience in representing small and medium-sized, closely held companies. Our business clients have included tool and die companies, construction contractors, restaurant franchises, as well as lawyers, doctors and other professionals. We routinely act as general counsel for businesses. Simply put, closely held small and medium sized businesses hire us to serve as "outside but in-house" general counsel, when it is not feasible to have an in-house attorney.

If you are thinking of forming a business, or need legal advice to help your business grow and thrive, our attorneys can help you get started and conduct your business successfully within the confines of the law.

Our attorneys are also skilled litigators and negotiators who can assist in resolving any disputes concerning business partners, customers, employees, government entities or other points of contact.

Montgomery County Corporate Law Attorneys

We assist businesses with these and other legal matters:

  • Entity formation - We assist clients in the formation of business entities, including the choice of entity and preparation of organizational documents.
  • General business representation - general business representation
  • Real estate -We advise and assist clients regarding their real estate transactions, contracts, disputes and other issues.
  • Nonprofit organizations - We have experience in guiding nonprofit organizations at all stages of their development.
  • Business litigation - We represent clients in resolving business disputes, including breach of contract, through litigation.
  • Collections litigation - We help our clients to recover on outstanding debts, including those involving goods and services, foreclosures, and liens.
  • Commercial litigation - We represent clients in commercial lawsuits involving sales practices, trade practices, trade secrets, labor and employment, and other issues relating to commercial enterprises.
  • Construction litigation - We represent construction firms in lawsuits involving contracts, disputes with municipalities, removal of mechanic's liens and other issues.
  • Labor and employment litigation - We help businesses to defend against employee lawsuits and to avoid employee lawsuits by setting pragmatic workplace policies.

Negotiation And Mediation Services | Dayton Business Law Attorneys

Although the lawyers at Martin Folino stand ready to aggressively pursue our clients' interests in court, we understand that litigation is sometimes expensive and are willing to pursue extra-judicial dispute resolutions, both court-ordered and by party consent. In most instances, we can resolve business legal matters out of court, in the context of a negotiation or mediation with the assistance of our lawyers. Our goal is to provide cost-effective and satisfying resolutions.

To discuss your business problems, and learn more about your options for solving them, contact our law firm online in Dayton, Ohio, or by calling (937) 461-6328.

Attorneys Overview

  • Thomas P. Martin
  • Mark Borland
  • Douglas A. Sebesy

Tom prides himself in helping clients turn the frustrating complexity of today's legal maze into useful tools to improve their financial bottom line in both their business and personal lives.

Tom joined the firm in 1975. Since then he has limited his practice to the areas of business law, taxation, real estate, estate planning, trusts and probate.

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Mark enjoys collaborating with clients in forming effective plans to protect assets.  Mark currently concentrates his practice on the areas of business law, taxation, real estate, estate planning, trusts and probate.

Mark has strong Dayton roots.  He was born and raised in Kettering, OH and attended Archbishop Alter High School.  Mark received his B.A. from Wittenberg University and his J.D. from the University of Dayton School of Law.  Mark is a member of the Ohio State and Dayton Bar Associations. 


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Doug brings unique capabilities and experience to the practice of law, adding his own distinctive qualities to the firm’s mix of resources.  While his main areas of practice include estate planning, business and real estate law, Doug has the ability to solve a variety of client needs.


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