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Choosing a business attorney should rank high on the priority list of any small business owner.  Attorneys are essential in advising businesses on a wide variety of matters and protecting them in case of legal troubles. Business lawyers should be proficient in choosing the correct business entity, drafting and reviewing contracts, filing the businesses’ corporation forms, drafting real estate documents and tax planning. 

Selecting A Business Attorney - Dayton Ohio

Scope Of Your Business Law Requirements

in Scope of Business Needs

Your choice for a business attorney begins with an understanding of your requirements. It should be obvious, but the size of your business and the depth of your business law requirements have a lot to do with whom you should trust with your business.

Consider the overall scope of your needs.  Do you need just one attorney or do your needs require an attorney with the support of a law firm behind him?  If you have a wide range of legal needs, you may be better off with an attorney who is part of a firm that has sufficient depth to handle most of all your matters.  A solo lawyer may be tempted to take on work beyond his own current expertise and you may end up paying for his learning time. 

Be sure to review the web site of each attorney on your list.  Read about the attorney and his practice, but also read about the firm and some of the other attorneys in the firm who practice in the same or complementary areas.  Do their backgrounds and skills seem appropriate for your needs? 

Ask people you trust for their opinion on the attorneys on your list.  In a large metropolitan area, many of the names will be unfamiliar even to other lawyers, but in a smaller market the reputations of the attorneys on the list may be more broadly known. It's worth your time to ask around!

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